How much I love Pretty Little Liars? | ¿Cuánto amo Pretty Little Liars?


I just watched the end of the second episode from the season five of Pretty Little Liars, and it was freaking awesome! -that's it, I said it-.
Acabo de ver el final del segundo episodio de la quinta temporada de Pretty Little Liars, y fue ¡increíblemente asombroso! - Así es, lo dije-

I should probably post about PLL in my "TV show of the week" but would be no fair, because I freaking love PLL and it's my blog and I can do whatever I want *laughs* haha.
Probablemente debería subir un post sobre PLL en mi "TV show of the week", pero no sería justo, porque yo amo a PLL y es mi blog y puedo hacer lo que yo quiera *risas* haha.

It all started at 2010 (I think, I'm not sure about it), my sister Laura was watching a random series and I wanted to know what it was while I was hiding behind the door, until BAM! she found out -damn it- and saw me spy on her. Was so uncomfortable. The only thing I was thinking was "run bitch run".
Todo comenzó en 2010 (creo, no estoy segura de ello), mi hermana Laura estaba viendo una serie aleatoria y yo quería saber lo que era mientras me ocultaba detrás de la puerta, hasta que BAM! se enteró-Maldita sea-y me vio espiarla. Era tan incómoda. Lo único que pensaba era "corre bitch corre". 

Until one day, my sister was watching the Halloween episode (season 1) and she said(I wasn't hiding, I want to be clear there): "come and watch it with me, but your going to have spoilers,  because they talk about the first episode" and I was like "I don't care, I want to see it", and then thanks to my sister I started watching PLL.
Hasta que un día, mi hermana estaba viendo el episodio de Halloween (temporada 1) y ella dijo: "ven a ver conmigo, pero vas a tener spoilers, porque hablan de el primer episodio" y yo estaba como "no me importa, quiero verlo", y luego gracias a mi hermana, empecé a ver PLL. 

Lately with the beginning of season 3, Pretty Little Liars has become so boring, no, wait, I think It was the 4, no, wait, both of them. And I still with the hope to know who the f*ck is A. And now has been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, which means "you're not going to know it now bitch"
Últimamente, con el comienzo de la temporada 3, Pretty Little Liars se ha vuelto tan aburrido, no, espera, creo que fue la 4, no, espera, las dos. Y sigo con la esperanza de saber quién carajo es A. Y ahora se ha renovado para una sexta y séptima temporada, lo que significa que "no vas a saberlo ahora perra".

Anyways, the start of the season 5 has been good, amazing and shocking. Hope it stays like that. I love my liars, and I keeping watching just because of three things:
De todas formas, el inicio de la quinta temporada ha sido buena, sorprendente y alterada. Espero que se mantenga así. Amo a mis mentirosas, y lo sigo viendo solo por tres cosas: 
  1. I want to know who's A (I think it might be Hanna, I don't know why I think that, but I feel its her or Cece). Quiero saber quién es A (creo que podría ser Hanna, no sé por qué pienso eso, pero creo que es ella o Cece). 
  2. My liars. Mis mentirosas.
  3.  And how many haters has Alison, because all they want is her death. Y cuantos enemigos tiene Alison, porque lo único que quieren es su muerte. 

This TV show is so twisted. I love it. 
Este programa es tan retorcido. Me encanta.
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead…

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10 comentarios

  1. I really need to check out this show one day. Lots of love, lisa

    1. Good for you Lisa, thanks for the comment :)

  2. The books are so much better than the actual show. I used to watch the shower but it got too far off the books to the point now the show and book have nothing similar anymore.

    1. So true, but you can find at the start of the theme entrance that the show is based from the novel. Always, the movies or series don't follow the books as we think they do.

  3. I soooo disagree with you on season 4!! I'm watching it on netflix. Last night I binged 8 whole episodes...EIGHT!!! I'm addicted to this show as well.

    1. You are so my sister haha, so I'm not freaking out about your eight episodes! haha. I think the season 4 shows who's A and it wasn't like that, so I was disappointed.

  4. You and me both! I'm in love with PLL!! I even have my husband watching with me and I saw that Halloween episode from the labor deck when I was about to have my son! ;) I have been meaning to check out the books as well but I haven't yet.

    1. That's what I call a true fan, we are one Jai!