The things I've never done or had in my life (for now) | Las cosas que nunca he hecho o tenido en mi vida (por ahora)


I don't know if you know or maybe you don't know or I don't know if you know (What a twister though, haha) okay I forgot what I was going to write. Ok, you know, I have a little notebook about desires and things I want to do and have in my life and blah blah blah. Anyway, and I left a comment on Looking for love Online about me not having a date in my life and she was so shocked and surprised about it, and to be honest I thought it was quite normal, and yes, I mean, I'm only eighteen... Ok, I think I need a social life. 
No sé si usted sabe o tal vez no lo sabe o yo no se si usted sabe (Que trabalenguas jajaja) se olvidó lo que iba a escribir. Ok, sabes tengo un pequeño cuaderno sobre los deseos y las cosas que quiero hacer y tener en mi vida y bla, bla, bla. De todas formas, yo dejé un comentario en Buscando el amor en línea (más conocido como "Looking for love online") acerca de mí no tener una cita en toda mi vida y ella estaba tan conmocionada y sorprendida al respecto, y para ser honesta, pensé que era algo muy normal, y sí, quiero decir, sólo tengo dieciocho ... Ok, creo que necesito una vida social. 
So, I made a list about some stuff I've never done or had in my life, leaving as a number one::
Así que hice una lista acerca de cosas que nunca he hecho o tenido en mi vida, dejando como número uno:

1. A date. Yes, I've never had a date with anyone, and I think it will continue like this for a very long time.
Una cita. Si, nunca he tenido una cita con nadie y creo que seguirá así por un largo tiempo.

2. Go to a club. aha, I've never been and never will (I think).
Ir a un bar, así es, nunca he ido y nunca iré (eso creo).

3. Having a long relationship.
Tener una relación por mucho tiempo.

4. Go to a roller coaster. I'm very excited because this will be done in August. (maybe).
Ir a una montaña rusa. Estoy muy emocionada, porque este se realizará en agosto. (tal vez).

5. And the last would be: I have never had my own camera
Y la ultima sería: nunca he tenido mi camára propia.

What are the things you haven't done yet in your life?
¿Cuáles son las cosas que no has hecho aún en tu vida?
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4 comentarios

  1. Wow, all of these are so crazy! I think I could have checked off all of these by the time I was 18 (granted, I had to wait until 18 to get into a club.) I think this is awesome, though. And you should DEFINITELY check the roller coaster off your list ;)

    1. Thank you Nina, I hope to someday be able to check everything. :)

  2. Oh wow! I do know many people who did not have a date until after they were 18. I like to make a list of the things I've never done and then do them!! Rollercoasters are so much fun!!