Hottie of the week #6 {Ladies Edition}


Happy weekend everyone! 

So one day I was talking with my sister about some blog post (to be honest, we only talked about the blog post that everybody likes "Hottie Of The Week") and she said: "Why you don't put some women into this post? it would be awesome" and I was like "yeah, you right". And I'm doing it right now. So, yeah now I have on my "Hottie of the week" women. 
Un día estaba hablando con mi hermana acerca de algunas entradas de blog (para ser honesta, solo hablamos sobre la entrada que a todas(os) les gusta "Hottie of the week") y ella me dijo: "¿Por qué no pones a mujeres en esas entradas? Sería muy grandioso” y yo le respondí: “si, tienes razón”. Así que lo estoy haciendo ahora. Pues bueno, ahora tengo en mis entradas de “Hottie of the week” a mujeres.

And this week the first woman to take the title of "Hottie of the week" goes to Tatiana Maslany -yay-
Y en esta semana la primera mujer en tener el título de “Hottie of the week” es Tatiana Maslany.

Tatiana Maslany is a Canadian actress, She is currently the series lead of the hit Canadian science fiction thriller series Orphan Black, for which she won a Critics' Choice Television Award and TCA Award in 2013, and a Canadian Screen Award in 2014.
Tatiana Maaslany es una actriz canadiense, Actualmente protagoniza la serie Orphan Black, por la que ganó el Premio Televisión Critics 'Choice y TCA Award en 2013.

Don't worry ladies next time will be boys ;)
No se preocupen mujeres la próxima habrán hombres ;)

But, what do you think of Tatiana? Hot or not?
Pero, ¿qué piensan de Tatiana? ¿Hot o no?
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4 comentarios

  1. she is pretty! i love this section of your blog! keep posting!

    1. Yeah, I only know about her just because my sister likes her show. And thank you for the comment.

  2. She is a very pretty actress. Good choice for a female Hottie of the week! Lisa from LBC.