How Much I Hate Butterflies? | ¿Cuánto Odio Las Mariposas?



Today I wanna to talk about Butterflies, I hate butterflies so much. Throughout my life I stuck all the time with  butterflies, they want to get into my mouth or my eyes, but they always have some "good luck" in my life. Everytime I come across with these little creatures haha, I know that something great comes to me. And maybe it's about a love-hate relationship.
Hoy quisiera hablar sobre Mariposas,odio tanto las mariposas. A lo largo de mi vida han estado todo el tiempo las mariposas, quieren entrar en mi boca o los ojos, pero ellos son como "amuleto de la suerte". Cada vez que me encuentro con estas pequeñas criaturas, sé que algo bueno viene hacia mi.

So yeah I hate butterflies but they are my lucky charm, and they also look great on everything. 
Así que sí, Odio las mariposas pero son mi amuleto de la suerte, y ellos además se ven muy bien en cualquier cosa. 


What is your experience with butterflies?
¿Cuál es tu experiencia con las mariposas?
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6 comentarios

  1. A love~hate relationship. How sweet.

  2. Butterflies are so pretty from afar, but I hate realizing how bug-like they are up close!


    1. Agree! But the small ones always want to get into my mouth, what is wrong with them!? Always the small ones, everytime.


  3. Butterflies are so always so pretty on clothing and accessories.

    xo, ThatCollegeGirl

    1. That's true, but not in real life, i can tell you that.