I was about to write a post until I see that my post "Getting ready for Valentine's Day" has been deleted. Did you know how much I work for write a blog post and you came and delete it, just like that. I'm really angry about that.
Iba a escribir un nuevo post, hasta que vi que el post  "Getting ready for Valentine's Day"  fue borrado de blogger, ¿¡Qué carajos!? En serio, trabajo por tres horas para entregar un post y viene blogger y lo elimina, que ch!$&@. La verdad estoy demasiado enojada, no tengo ni ganas de escribir un post.

It's ridiculous. Oh God I'm so angry. I don't even know what to do.

Valentine's Day

This was part from the blog post...deleted.

Este outfit era parte del post...Eliminado.
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