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We all have those thoughts at night before we sleep and today I'd like to share one thought that stands out of all. And no, I do not sleep at midnight, I just think that the title is melancholic and I like it and of course it goes with the night  of that the time that we try to sleep but we can't because we have this illusion about of having a great life or choices we should have made or whatever and sometimes we ended up crying or happy, lucky for me are happy and I can sleep after that. Hope you like this post.
¡Hola! Todos tenemos un momento de reflexión antes de dormir y en el día de hoy quería compartir con ustedes uno de los que más se resalta entre los míos. No, no duermo hasta la medianoche, opino que el título es algo melancólico y me gusta, y por supuesto va con la noche en que intentamos dormir pero en vez de eso empezamos a soñar una vida que quisiéramos y terminamos algunos tristes otros no tanto, por suerte no todos los míos son tan tristes y puedo dormir jaja. Espero que les guste esta entrada.

There he is, looking at me but at the same he doesn't. He made me fall in love with him without even try.
Ahí esta, mirándome pero a la vez sin hacerlo. Él me hizo enamorarme de él sin siquiera intentarlo.

Has ever happened to you something so beautiful but also something so painful that eats you up inside like you want to scream your love to that someone but deep inside you know that he will never listen?
¿Alguna vez te ha sucedido algo tan hermoso pero a la vez algo tan doloroso que te carcome por dentro como si quisieras gritar tu amor a ese alguien, pero muy dentro de ti sabes que no te escuchará?

That happens to me, it is called "platonic love" this refers to someone as much as you like you can not have, because of course is platonic, is unattainable.
Eso me sucede a mí, se le llama "amor platónico", este se refiere a alguien por más que te guste no lo puedes tener, porque esta claro es platónico, es inalcanzable. 

Just to see him without have it, live with hope on something that will never happen. Living a delusion.
Solo poder verlo sin poder tenerlo, vivir lleno de ilusiones que nunca pasarán. Soñar sin sentir.

Hoping to one day all your feelings fade away with him. Dreaming with hime. That person who is miles away from you. 
Esperando que algún día este sentimiento se vaya y dejes de soñar, ilusionarte con esa persona. Esa persona que esta a kilómetros de ti. 

This is for you.
Esto es para ti.

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7 comentarios

  1. This is beautifully written. I love the spanish/english translations.

  2. Deep thoughts come crashing in at night, don't they?

  3. It's like the later you stay up at night, the more you over think things. Deep thoughts just seem to flood the brain after 11.59pm!

  4. I have learned that going chill about an hour or so before bed really does help