Hottie of the week #8 {Ladies Edition}


Hello lovely people!
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the hunger games, sorry, out of topic haha.
Bienvenidos, bienvenidos, bienvenidos a los Juegos del Hambre, lo siento, tema equivocado jaja.

Anyway, welcome to my second week of hottie of the week {ladies edition}, today we're going to Canada, with a beautiful, talented, cute, sweet and incredible "Liar"... Ladies and Gentlemen Shay Mitchell.
En fin, bienvenidos a mi segunda semana del título "bombón" de la semana {edición damas}, hoy iremos a Canadá, con una mujer hermosa, talentosa, linda, dulce e increíble "mentirosa"... Damas y Caballeros Shay Mitchell.

Shay Mitchell (April 10, 1987) is a canadian actress and model most known for her role as  Emily Fields in the BBC Family series Pretty Little Liars.
Shay Mitchell (10 de abril de 1987) es una actriz canadiense y modelo más conocida por su papel de Emily Fields en la serie de la BBC Family, Pretty Little Liars.

Actually, I'm in love with her, she's so beautiful, just look at her, Shay is definitely one of those women that makes you questioning about your sexuality.
En realidad, estoy enamorada de ella, es tan hermosa, o sea solo véanla, definitivamente Shay es una de esas mujeres que te hace cuestionar sobre su sexualidad.

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13 comentarios

  1. I love Shay Mitchell! he is my favourite from Pretty Little Liars, she is a great actress and shes so beautiful! Loving this post Daniela!

  2. She's gorgeous! I love some of the photos of her that you chose!

  3. These were great choices for photos! I agree with you that she is really beautiful!

  4. She is gorgeous! I think that you can totally see her awesome personality through the pictures!

  5. She is SO BEAUTIFUL. I can't get over it.

  6. Oh my goodness...Shay Mitchell is just perfection!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise