How to NOT stay calm | Cómo NO mantener la calma


It hasn't happened you that a certain situation comes in to your life when stay calm is not enough and you just want to punch someone? Well, I have and I do not keep calm.
¿No les ha pasado que llega una situación en su vida en la que mantener la calma no es suficiente y sólo quieres golpear a alguien? Bueno, yo lo he pasado y si que no mantengo la calma.

Some of the things I do not stay calm/Algunas cosas que no mantengo la calma:

- When you lose something and can't find it, "is always there when you don't need them, but never when you need it".
cuando pierdes algo y no lo encuentras, "siempre esta cuando no lo necesitas, pero nunca esta cuando lo necesitas"

- When your OTP aren't together.
Cuando tu OTP no están juntos.

- Finals, I'm not calm with this.
Finales, no estoy tranquila con esto.

- When your crush has someone already, damn!
Cuando tu enamorado tiene alguien ya, ¡maldita sea!

- When you break something you know would make angry this person and they answer you with an "it's okay" when you know it's not.
 Cuando rompes algo que sabes que enojará a esa persona y te responde con un "esta bien", cuando sabes que no lo esta.

- When someone tells you to calm down, when you know that makes it worse.
Cuando alguien te dice que te calmes, cuando sabe que empeora las cosas.

What are the things you do not keep calm?
¿Cuáles son las cosas que no mantienes en calma?

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14 comentarios

  1. I try to always keep calm, because it does me no good to get all riled up about things. I fail sometimes especially when discussing things I have strong opinions about,but I try to find the center again.

  2. I have to admit, I can get a little crazy from time to time and I am not proud of it, but it happens. I just try to take breaths and tell myself to remain cool.

  3. Staying clam all the time is tough. I think its good sometimes to go a little crazy.

  4. OMGOSH I get so mad when people tell me to calm down!!!!!

  5. I really hate when people tell me to calm down! It's the worst. I am a panicker, that's for sure. It's hard for me to stay calm. I stress out so easily!

  6. I love this post!!! I haaaate when people tell me to "calm down" or "relax".

    1. Thank you Miranda, we all know that feeling haha.

  7. Staying calm is not always my forte. :P People telling me to stay calm, things not going as planned, finals (SO MUCH FINALS), when book characters I love don't get the ending the deserve, poor television series endings. I just stress really easily. Meditation and deep breathing are my best friends. ;)

  8. I am the WORST at staying calm! I hate being told to calm down when I'm furious, it just makes me even grumpier! This was such a fun read!

  9. I totally agree, the worst is when people say 'chill out' or 'calm down' ahhh!

  10. When people say "Calm Down" that is THE absolute worst. I will not calm down only because you said so and they should know that it doesn't work!!